Playing YOUR Music

What’s up my fellow players? We had a great live chat here at Rock House Method on March 19. Thank you for everyone who joined us. Also, a big thanks to Peavey for helping sponsor the event as a couple of you won one of my Peavey Zodiac DE signature basses and also a Peavey Max 112 bass amp. Cool stuff!

Moving forward I want to continue my thoughts on developing YOUR own style. As many people often ask how I developed my style, my answer is usually “this is just how I play, not necessarily how YOU should play!” By that, I mean that we can all listen to, be fans of, and learn from most anyone if our minds are open. However, we are all gifted in unique ways and if we let our personalities and tastes be the driving force for our music (not the other way around!) then our music will be honest, and the listener will feel a genuine connection when they hear or see us play. That is why our music usually changes as we grow and mature because as a person we are changing, too.

I say this because I meet many people who are great fans of certain types of music, which can be a great indicator of a musical path they will follow, but sometimes their talents lie in a different genre. Then, they get frustrated if they can’t execute the music they like to listen to. This is not something to be ashamed of but rather something to embrace. I meet professionals all the time who love Metal music but play professionally in Pop, Country, Christian and other styles 180 degrees away from most things heavy and rocking. To me, they are going with the flow and letting the music guide them (and the people calling them to play!) rather than sitting on the sidelines insisting they must have it “their way or the highway”. In other words, they are in the game and enjoying the craft of making music.

So, keep those ears, eyes and minds open especially if you have opportunities to play with a multitude of different musicians in varied applications. Those opportunities can be vital to our growth and give us the nudge to get out of our comfort zone and play in any setting with true confidence.


M. Chao said...

Reading your blog is really helpful for us who want to find our own sound...
your are an inspiration :)

Arriba los Hierros!!! said...

crastHi, Dave. I'm Ariel, from Uruguay, South America. Yesterday i went to Buenos Aires to saw Megadeth... and it was awesome. I love Megadeth.

I was playing bass guitar for a while. When i was a kid a just start a metal band, but i have to stop it to work and to study. I'm a librarian right now, and i'm starting to play again with some kids.
Been seeing Megadeth at Bs. As. was an exciting thing for me, and i really admire you. Thanks for THIS post, it has great ideas.
Keep in metal dude! And keep it like you are!
A big metal hug.